$50.⁰⁰/ hour

Minimum Session of 2 hours.

Do you wish to create awe-inspiring images, avoid common photography mistakes, and build an impressive portfolio fast?

No matter what level of photographer you currently are, or the equipment you use, we are now offering Photography Mentoring for aspiring photographers who wish to fast track their skills. Whether you want to learn more about your DSLR, get a better handle on composition, or becoming proficient with Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop, we are here to help.

This one on one session is geared to take you above and beyond what a normal workshop can offer as it caters directly to your specific needs. It also includes an array of comprehensive e-book resources for reference purposes. The session is a step-by-step hands-on, using both theory and practice to make sure that you understand the concepts and can put your skills to work.

  • 2 Hour Mentoring Session | $100⁰⁰
  • 3 Hour Mentoring Session | $150⁰⁰
  • 4 Hour Mentoring Session | $200 ⁰⁰

Photographer Mentoring


The following are testimonials from various students:

"If you ever need help sorting out your Lightroom catalogs or need to find missing photos, Stephen is the person to ask. His calm and patient manner helps when you are staring at missing folders and wondering which external drive is hiding them. Stephen assesses each of your ‘dilemmas' and then will help you fix the problem(s). I would arrive for my sessions with lists of topics that I wanted help with and as Stephen worked his way through each issue, he was also teaching me not to be intimidated by my computer. I have developed a solid understanding of my Lightroom program and can usually solve most things on my own - I don’t believe I would have the confidence to do so without the sessions that Stephen offers. The best part is that he makes you feel that your problem is ‘fixable’ and there is no judgment that you ’should’ already know what to do. He offers a safe environment to learn in. I also recommend his group sessions on LR - a good way to get some basic understanding of the program."

- Laurie Thomson

"Stephen was a helpful, patient and knowledgeable instructor. Would definitely recommend this session to others."

- Susan Mullin

“Best workshop I’ve experienced in Toronto!! Even though I've studied photography for quite sometime, I still learned a lot. Stephen is a wonderful person, mentor and great photographer. I had a fun time laughing and shooting. What a beautiful day! Thank you Stephen!”

- Lisa

"Stephen is great. This is my second session with him and he delivered as promised each time. He is very knowledgeable in LR and handled all our questions. I am a complete LR novice and got a lot from the class but he was also able to go deeper for those who had worked with the software a bit. The interactive format where he was able to bring up photos and show what he was talking about was just what I needed. I recommend this to any one new to LR or is looking to take advantage of it’s greater capability. Not only did I learn a lot about LR I learned a lot about photography."

- Stuart McRae


  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Architecture & Real Estate Photography
  • B+W Photography
  • Composition
  • DSLR - Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Functions
  • DSLR Video Techniques
  • Event Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Flash - Off-Camera (Eternal)
  • Food Photography
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Low Light / Night Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Panoramas
  • Photo Retouching Techniques
  • Portraiture Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Purchasing Camera Equipment
  • Still Life Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Studio Lighting Techniques
  • Time-Lapse Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • ... and much much more!


Currently a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, model portfolios, corporate portraits, glamour, and fashion photography, Stephen Hutchinson is also currently engaging in film and music production. With almost 20 years experience in digital photography, Stephen began his photographic journey with a Kodak DC-120 digital camera in 1997. Since then, he has migrated into the world of DSLR photography and currently shoots with Canon cameras and lenses.

Stephen Hutchinson is also the lead Organizer and instructor of the Toronto Photographic Workshops & Events meetup group, which now consists of 4,700+ members, and has a 14 year history of over 500 events.

"I am glad I participated in this session. I am just starting using Lightroom and I am loving it. Stephen was of a great assistance, clarifying all our questions and sharing all his knowledge in a very calm and clear way. Thank you and I am looking forward to in practice what I learned."

- Daniel Oliveira

"So helpful. Gave me exactly what I'd wanted to get out of it: Refresher on camera use and kick-start to getting back to non-point and shoot photography"

- Nathalie

"Great day Stephen once again and some great information passed along. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about lighting and portrait shooting."

- Ken Stone

The information provided was very clear and helpful, and the "hands on" aspect made a huge difference, as did going out on the street to take photos afterwards. Stephen was very patient and gave great pointers on how to take better shots. I do believe my "Fear of f Stops" is a thing of the past!

- Corrie G.

"Really good! Very well prepared and presented and the take home material was an added bonus! Stephen was really knowledgeable, honest and gave great tips. I really appreciated the time and the care that was taken to answere all questions. He also let me freely try the equipment that was used for the session! Thank you Stephen, I really appreciated all you help and all your helpful advice!"

- Pam

"For someone who had no experience with Lightroom, I learned a great deal from this workshop. Stephen is very knowledgeable, yet open to new tricks from his students. He took the class through the workshop very thoroughly, stopping for questions and suggestions along the way. I'd definitely recommend this class if you're looking to work with this powerful program."

- Hazel

"Thanks so much for dedicating so much time to helping me with my photos and showing me great tips and tricks in Lightroom! ... I appreciate you spending the extra time with me."

- Christine Pickering